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UY SING INVESTMENT is, nowadays, providing customers services and products such as: Pile boring, pile driving injection, PC pile and mixed concrete. Due to the economic boom and construction growth, many buildings have risen throughout Cambodia. So, bored piling work is very popular and crucial for the foundation of those buildings. To have a building foundation with good quality and reliability, it must be built in accordance with a correct technical standard. It must be done according to the pile plan which is designed by architect and we have to choose a company with quality, experience and responsibility, It responds to the customer’s need on time. 

Bored Pile

UY SING has lots of experiences in bored piling work of different types of building such as: low and high buildings, condo, apartment, basement, subway, bridge and flat building, small and big projects.


UY SING has PC square pile driven and injection machines which are able to drive and press PC square piles from diameters of 200mm to 400mm and the depth is up to customer’s requirement.


Bored pile is another type of reinforced concrete pile which is popular to be used to support high buildings and bridges which require foundation that can bear the load of thousands of tones.


UY SING provides mixed concrete to the building constructions such as: flat buildings, condos, villas, borey, etc. The quality of the mixed concrete is mixed by modern computer technology and has followed the high standard.